Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki energy healing is a simple and natural healing method that effectively works to clear blockages in the natural flow of energy that occurs in and around our bodies. It is a completely safe treatment that treats the mind, body and spirit collectively and brings forth relaxation and wonderful feelings of peace and wellbeing. 

When we experience pain, either physically or emotionally, or have negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves, the natural flow of life force energy is disrupted. A Reiki session creates a positive energy flow to the affected parts of the energy field to ease pain, stimulate the immune system and restore health.

A Reiki treatment is carried out by a series of hand positions on or above the body. Many practitioners also allow the body’s energy to intuitively guide them to treat areas that have been more greatly impacted by pain, stress or blockages. And as with all energy healing modalities, Reiki distance healing is also extremely effective as energy has no boundaries.

Nearly every known ailment or difficulty has been beneficially affected by Reiki. Many nurses are certified as Reiki practitioners as energy healing is often used in hospitals and is frequently combined with other traditional and alternative healing techniques to ease side effects and aid in recovery.

Energy Healing