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Learning is a lifelong journey. To help you along your own path of self-discovery and lightwork, Carina has compiled a comprehensive library of resources and teachings. From reference articles to her favorite books to information on the classes she teaches, this section offers you the way to finding your own healing.


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Articles by Carina

Everyone has a story, and within each of these stories lies awareness and truth for many others. Having provided guidance and healing for all types of emotional, physical, and spiritual pain over the past twenty years, Carina has written numerous articles designed to help others learn about themselves, heal their discomforts, and move forward on their spiritual journey.
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Instruction and Self-Guided Learning

Carina offers ongoing guidance and instruction in developing your intuition and healing skills, including the “Clairs:” Clairvoyance (clear seeing); Clairaudience (clear hearing); Clairsentience (clear feeling); Claircognizance (clear knowing); and Clairalience (clear smelling). Reiki classes and certifications are also available. 
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Suggested Reading

A lifelong avid reader, books have taken Carina on many journeys of the mind, body, and soul. The books on this list are varied, but all are engaging, pique curiosity, ask and answer many questions, and, above all, help us discover who we truly are and why certain things occur in our lives.
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Holistic Resources

Inspirational and informational, this wide range of resources provide guidance on everything from balancing diet to learning what the messages that “little voice inside your head” is telling you. Check back often, as new materials are regularly added.
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People who meditate regularly create a shift in their brain activity, moving brain waves from the stress side to the calm side of the frontal cortex. The meditations found here have been uniquely created by an energy healer/yoga instructor to help create an energetic, healing flow throughout your mind and body.
Relax into Peaceful Serenity

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