? What is Distance Healing?

Long Distance Healing, also referred to as Remote Healing or Non-Local Healing, works on the premise that everything is connected by energy, thus distance is unimportant. Energy has no limitations or boundaries, making long distance healing just as effective as sessions conducted in person. You can experience powerful results emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually through a distance healing, and will likely feel the energy shift almost immediately.

Benefits of Distance Healing Sessions:

  • Relax in the comfort of your own home
  • Save time and energy on travel
  • Healing support continues for at least 24 hours
  • Enjoy restful time after the session – instead of traffic
  • Experience healing from anywhere in the world

* Long Distance Services

Long distance sessions give you an opportunity to receive healing from a healer you particularly want to work with, or if you live in a location where it is difficult to find a nearby holistic energy healer. Distance healings are also used in cases where there may be a contagious illness occurring, or if someone cannot or does not like to be touched. Whether you are across the street, across the country, or anywhere in the world, distance healing is extremely effective.

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*How Can Energy Move Remotely?

Distance healing works according to Quantum Physics, where everything is energy and connected. Think about your cellphone, which works at huge distances, along with the remote controls we use for our devices. Distance healing works under the same premise; there just needs to be a sender and a receiver. It is wireless technology at its best.


*How Distance Sessions Are Conducted

While either the phone or a video call can be utilized for remote sessions, Carina prefers phone sessions as she is able to connect with you on a much higher and deeper level when there are no distractions. Whichever communication method you choose, it is important for you to be in a quiet, private, and comfortable space where you can speak freely.

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*What Should I Expect?

During the session, you may experience tingling, heat or chills, waves or jolts of energy through your body, or just a sense of peace. Carina will continuously scan your energy fields and discuss any blockages or areas of concerns she detects, including what is happening in your life to cause pain and/or distress. Everything is connected, so if physical pain exists, the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects must also be addressed.

*If possible, please rest after the session. Carina stays strongly connected with you energetically for at least 24 hours following the session and will continue to work on healing any issues that may be lingering. Many clients report that they knew when she was performing the healing as they could sense the energy flowing and felt lighter.

*Scheduling a Distance Healing

Please email or call Carina to schedule a distance healing session. You are welcome to share specific information regarding anything that is causing you distress and any concerns you may have. When scheduling, keep in mind that it will be important for you to be in a quiet, private space during your session.

The session fee is $125 for a 60-minute session or $185 for a 90-minute session and is required to be remitted at least 24 hours before the session. Payment can be made via Venmo (@Carina-Bachman), or with a credit card via PayPal on the Order Healing Services page under the Appointments tab.

As always, Carina maintains a high standard of ethics and integrity so you can feel confident that you and your session are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Please note that all sessions are conducted either by phone or Zoom, even for local clients. Energy has no boundaries, and Carina provides her unique services to clients all around the world via remote sessions.

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