Notes CSH Clients Have Shared

The following are some unsolicited comments from CSH clients.

As I know that many of us are experiencing life challenges at the moment, which are likely to become more intense, I wanted to share this. Carina has helped me through some major times in recent years through her counseling sessions. She is amazing in so many ways and I hope that her work resonates with you and can be helpful to you, as it has been and continues to be for me. She is in the USA but sessions are done via phone or Skype.

Amy, UK


The last five days have been the best I've had for years. I don't have words to express my gratitude. You have changed my life; made it clear; made it simple. I get it. I was lonely for myself. I’ve fallen back in love with myself. I feel like I've been on fire since our session. I'm singing love songs to myself; I'm engaging with people on a new level; my priorities are shifted... And people around me seem to be curious, nervous and maybe even a little excited by it all. I'm back in the saddle! Carina, thank you. Thank you for helping me find myself and my power. I will never lose it again.

Jen O., Oregon


I have been feeling really good since our session - optimistic and just feeling very blessed with my life in general and the wonderful people that have been entering my life. I just want you to know that I am so grateful that I met you and that I feel so incredibly blessed to have your help as I go through my journey to reach my full potential. Thank you for everything - oh, btw, you are such an awesome healer - all the difficulties that I was having in my female area have completely gone and I have not had a problem since - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



Our session yesterday was so inspiring for me! I thank God for giving you these gifts to be able to help people find their truth!! I have never felt more empowered in my life because of your abilities!!!

Love and light,


Carina, thank you so much for working with me yesterday.  Your light truly radiates from you and I could feel your genuine care and concern for me and for my inner struggles. Thank you for your continued interest in me. I appreciate your insight and perspective more than you know. You have helped me to be comfortable with my own path more than I can say.

Natalie C.


Hi Carina, just wanted to update you following our session. It was like you removed a block and opened me up - everything just flowed - no stress or upset. I feel really good, very clear and light. I can't thank you enough for being in my life. Your gift is truly amazing. I am very excited about the future and very grateful for the present. I really feel forward movement. Life is amazing for me now, so different from two years ago.

Thank you again for sharing the journey.
Joanne W.


Carina, thank you first and foremost for all the work and light you are sharing with the world. Oh how blessed I feel to know you and to have experienced these sessions with you. I feel super today. I slept cramp-free/pain-free last night for the first time in about five days. I so appreciate your ear in our distance session. I know that rest is big for me right now, I have always had a hard time allowing myself to rest, but I will today. Thanks again for your light and blessings. Much love to you and your work.

Courtnee J.


At the time I met Carina, I had been doing massage for 8 years and my wrists and body felt as if I'd been doing it for 20 years. I was a mess. I'd tried everything from massage, to injections, acupuncture and nutrition, and nothing was helping. I was falling apart and was almost forced to give up the livelihood I loved.

A friend and client, Stephanie Barton, referred me to Carina, and though I highly doubted Reiki of all things could make a difference at this point, I had NOTHING left to lose.

I completely surrendered during our session knowing that if I didn't have faith, then this was a waste of time. Well, I'm fortunate I gave it a chance because after our first session, I was pain free for at least 4 months.

That was over 2 years ago, and since then, I see Carina (Carina ) every few months for energetic and physical tune ups. She saved my massage practice and has helped me get over quite a few road blocks I both knowingly and unknowingly had in my way. I'm grateful I found her. She has a gift and we are all fortunate that she enjoys sharing it.

Harriet McEntire, owner
The Align Spa


I am thankful for Carina 's help with my four-year-old son Robby. After talking with Carina about the issues we have with Robby's behavior, she was able to offer me some extremely helpful suggestions. We have limited Robby's gluten and dairy in his diet. We have also increased his protein by supplementing his diet with a Whey protein powder. This has made a substantial difference in his behavior. He has a lot more self-control and is not as impulsive as he was in the past.

Thanks so much for your helpful insight!

Andrea, Park City, Utah


Dear Carina -

Thank you - thank you - thank you! We want to tell you, and anyone considering your services for energy healing, about how happy we are with the results of your service. Our son, Ryan, had not touched his foot to the floor in over five weeks. He was in pain, frustrated and truly miserable. After several doctor visits, medications and sleepless nights, we turned to you for some temporary relief. Instead, we got a miracle. After only 45 minutes, Ryan got up and WALKED away from your table. More importantly, he was treated as a WHOLE person. Your kind, gentle approach helped him feel at ease and gave him the space and place to truly open up to the healing that you facilitate. He was so thrilled with his experience that when we left the first thing he said was “I want to do that again!!” (He never said that after a doctor visit!!)

Your gifts are truly amazing. The healing that takes place in a session with you seems like so much more than energy healing. It was amazing to see him pain free and happy so quickly. We are truly grateful for your healing powers and for the energy and light you helped restore in our son. For anyone considering taking the time for themselves, or someone they love, it is worth it. You are incredibly blessed and we can all use more of your light to help us heal.

Thank you again.

Warmest regards,

Lisa & Dave Cook


After fracturing a rib and “rattling” my entire rib cage, I was in extreme pain for weeks.  Carina offered her healing hands to see if she could help ease my pain.  What I experience was astounding.  After she finished working on me, I not only felt complete peace, but my pain was gone.  The next day my entire rib cage itched like an open wound does when it is healing.  After one more session, I was completely well.  Thank you, Carina, for being such a gift to this planet!!

Love & Light,
S. Barton, Certified Life Coach


It's time to share. I have had the most amazing week! It all started last Saturday when I received my Reiki Level III/Master Attunement from you. After class, you gave my knees a Reiki treatment, and I didn't want those efforts to go to waste so I stopped and picked up the supplements you recommended. Later in the week I would learn that short treatment was one of my best Reiki learning experiences. My knees have been improving daily; thank you so much. I am taking it easy on them, letting them continue to improve, but some mornings it's just so tempting to run up the stairs. 

Monday morning I paused when I got in my car to enjoy the wonderful morning. I sat there connecting with all that is, enjoying the moment. Then, without warning, a sudden surge of overwhelming amount of energy began to flow into my crown chakra. I instinctively let the energy circulate as I didn't want to waste any of this blessing. My chakras began to open, and clear, and a great healing flowed through me. I experienced a wonderful moment, a glorious moment. I sat in awe, enjoying the blessing for 20-30 minutes until it finally subsided. I was a little late for work though.

The rest of the week I was practicing attunements from the Master's Manual and on Friday flew to Seattle to visit my mother at my brother's home. Saturday I had the opportunity to give her another in-person Reiki treatment. As I was doing the treatment, I began to feel some discomfort. I was going to reposition myself, as I thought I had chosen a poor position at first. And I knew from Reiki I class, it's important to assume a comfortable position to maximize the Reiki flow. But then I thought of your treatment of my knees, and began to realize the pain was not mine, but my mother's. I began to lovingly and openly receive the pain. I continued the treatment until the pain finally subsided. My mother has been suffering from extreme back pain while standing for quite some time now. 

Later that day, we took my Mom out to the old ferry dock in Indianola to see the sand sculptures. She walked around for 30-45 minutes enjoying the people and the sights. She was amazed that her back did not hurt. It was quite a blessing for her. Even Sunday her back pain did not return. I knew then that my Reiki Master Attunements had greatly increased the Reiki energy that flow with me. I have much to learn, but it is very exciting. And my mom is really doing well. She is totally at peace and just enjoying her life. She tires easy, and enjoys resting, but is still pretty active considering her situation.

Oh, did I forget to mention there is another light energy worker in the world?  My brother wanted a Level I Reiki attunement so he can work with my mother while she is living with him.  We spent Sunday learning and teaching Reiki. After class was over, and he had received his Level I Reiki Attunement, he asked "What Else?" I told him that was it; he was a level I Reiki Practitioner. He made a beeline to my mother to give her a Reiki Treatment. It was really nice getting to watch him enjoy the connection I have experienced with my Mother when giving her a Reiki Treatment. 

He was amazed afterwards at the energy flow into his Crown Chakra. I commented myself about how amazing the rides home have been after your classes with the sense of energy and Reiki flowing through my hands the entire ride home. 

In the Spirit of Light, 
Rick Bukowsky, RMT


The experience: Magical. Light, love, understanding, acceptance, guidance. I feel I have a new lease on life. Thank you Carina .

Sean Littleman
San Francisco


For over a year my feet had been bothering me quite badly. Neuromas had developed on both feet and walking on them was like walking on a bed of nails all day. Since I love hiking and being active outdoors the idea that my ability to walk might be coming to a close was very disturbing. My first session with Carina was remarkable. By the next morning the pain in my left foot was reduced by at least 70%. The right foot was better too but not by as much. A week later I went back for another session and this time we got the left foot down to maybe 10% of its original pain and the right foot was improved to perhaps only 25% of the original pain. Now that I can live with! Anyone with pain management issues would be well served, in my opinion, to give this energy work a try. I can tell you this, it worked for me. I am planning a number of backpacking trips for the summer!

Dave M.


I was a bit stressed when I went to see Carina. Tension and everyday life was taking its toll on me in a big way. Upon lying down, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Then she put her hands on my head. What utter and instantaneous bliss. I was enveloped in calm, peaceful warmth. It was so wonderful. I still recall the feeling as if it just happened. Afterwards, I felt so smooth and at peace with everything in my life. I recommend the experience to anyone.

Christopher K.
Park City, UT


The doctors gave me one option, manage the pain with heavy doses of opiates. Carina gave me another way of managing the pain, and apparently helped alot of it dissipate too. Let's see; reduce and manage pain holistically or spend my days numbed out on pain killing drugs? Glad I made the choice I did. Thank you.

Amy Shaw
Breckenridge, CO


Do you know what it is like to live for years in the heaviness of depression? When you just vaguely remember how it was to truely laugh and to smile because you felt good? I had almost forgotten. Then a friend gave me a session with Carina for my birthday. It took two months before I called to schedule it. Just with that first call I knew something wonderful was happening. After scheduling the session I sat quietly thinking about what I was feeling. It was hope. And, I had a bit of a smile on my face, a real one.

That first session was amazing. I felt transported to somewhere else. And all the heaviness and blackness I had been living under began to lift. What a feeling! I have now completed four sessions with her and I feel like I really need to let others know what has happened and how wonderful the experience with her has been. It has literally saved my life.

Please, if someone has given you a session with Carina , it is because you should do it. Do not wait around for months to do it, just go do it immediately!

Eden, UT


I went to see Carina after years of depression and a general feeling of always being "off-balance".  She performed an extraction and illumination during our first appointment followed by a Reiki session.  I left feeling lighter than I had in years!  The depression lifted immediately, and with each session I feel more focused, stronger, and happier, and finally able to take control of my life!  Thank you, Carina; you are truly a great healer with an amazing gift!

Jennifer R.


I had been having some breathing problems that the doctors could not figure out at all. Highly frustrated and tired of feeling the way it left me, I decided to give Carina a try. She was able to pinpoint what was going on, suggested some possible causes (which were right on!) and helped relieve a lot of the symptoms within a few more sessions. Thanks Carina !

Jackson, WY